Urth is a private community that exists only on Urbit.

Why Urth?

We need to escape the current internet. Urbit is a competitive answer to where we can go.

Urth, like Urbit, is part of an ecosystem of interesting people. We collect and curate interviews and written submissions. We commission longer form essays from anonymous internet personalities you might have heard of.

Joining Urth lets you participate in private Urth-hosted chats, view our content archives, and support the Urbit ecosystem.

Two ways to join

1. Have a friend recommend you

The best way to join. People on Urth can request invites for their friends. Ask them to recommend you.

2. Financial support

While the costs of maintaining Urth are low, financial support helps us be resilient. For $5 a month you can skip needing to be recommended. Enter your current Urbit ID below to start.

Looking for an Urbit ID?

Due to current transaction costs, we've halted the sale of planets. We'll announce a new way to buy them soon.